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We’ve always taken safety seriously…as the most important factor in everything we do.  So during this period we’re taking extra steps to keep our crews and customers safe, and mitigate concerns.  Based on the current CDC guidance, we are taking the following precautions to limit exposure, protect our customers and our team.

  • The work we do limits our interaction and contact with others.  We will continue to execute work, but will wear masks, and extensively clean equipment and vehicles. 
  • Workers are asked to maintain a minimum of a 6’ distance from one another.
  • We pride ourselves on being friendly – however for now we will eliminate  handshakes and physical contact.
  • Each day, employees fill out a questionnaire that asks the CDC recommended questions to ensure no employees have been exposed.  No employees put others at risk.   
  • We have implemented additional internal training processes to assist in mitigating exposure.